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“ZivEco, Italian implantology excellence in the world”

ZivEco it’s an Italian company, part of an important European financial group. Is the result of an entrepreneurial project conceived and developed in Italy in the field of implantology and prosthetics. The professional team that has been working for years in the group in the areas of research, development, testing and production has led ZivEco to a very rapid international affirmation and expansion. ZivEco it is by now, for the Operators in the sector, synonymous with innovation, quality, reliability and professionalism.

Our personalized and customized lines offers proposals and solutions to meet any need. Our center "research and development" is in fact full-time available to the Operators in the sector, in order to provide the answers and solutions to the requests made.

The constant commitment, the synergies with research centers and the collaborations with the Opinion Leaders from around the world, with the production phases control and their ongoing monitoring, contributes to the constant and continuous success and growth of our company in Italy and internationally.

ZivEco designs, manufactures and sells the implant systems Made in Italy in accordance with the European Directive MDD 93/42 and subsequent amendments.