ZivEco with its five implant lines, including a monophasic line with a mini and a standard version, is able to satisfy every need of Operators in the sector, in order of quality and reliability. Our Customer Care & Assistance Service is available instead, full-time, to give an answer and to provide solutions about special needs and specifications.


ZivEco has developed a full range of prosthetic elements and components compatible with its own implant lines. The continuous research for solutions and innovations, allow us to satisfy any need and requirement of our Customers. The compatibility of our lines and the possibility to customize them, upon a simple request, allow us to respond quickly to any request.


ZivEco offers at its customers a range of products and accessories in order to support and complete the entire prosthetic and implantological process. It’s available at section Surgical instruments and Surgical kits and tools with a wide and complete range of tools and instruments to support dentists in all phases of implant.

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We are looking for the expansion of our sales network in Italy and abroad:

- Sales Agents

- Distributors

in order to work together to promote and develop our commercial lines of implants and prosthetic components in dental practices and clinics.

We provide ongoing training and technical support, commercial and specialty.

Those interested are asked to send the CV with photo to the following e-mail:

Please specify in the message the reference number according to your country:

Ref. IT0914 - for Italy

Ref. RO0914 - for Romania

Ref. BG0914 - for Bulgaria

Ref. INT0914 - for other countries